Press Brake Bending Punch

Press Brake Punch

Press Brake Top Punch (Sheet Metal Bending Punch)

ARENA INDUSTRIES is a one of the prestigious manufacturer of Press Brake Punch with state of the art manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We manufacture and supply sheet metal bending punch and press brake punch with following standards.

American Precision Press Brake Punch

European Precision Press Brake Bending Punch

WT Style Sheet Metal Bending Punch (Wila Trumpf Type)

LVD Style Press Brake Bending Punch

Bevel Tang Style Press Brake Punch

We manufacture and export fine quality sheet metal bending press brake punch in accordance with and  suitable to all Indian and imported machines. 


press brake bending punch
semi gooseneck punch

Types of Press Brake Punch

Straight Press Brake Punch (Bending Punch)

We manufacture following types of straight press brake bending punch

26 Degree Straight Punch

26 Degree Straight Punch is an ideal press brake bending punch for air bending angles up to 30 Degree. They are also commonly used for making a 30-degree bend prior to hemming.

Acute Punch

Acute punches are best used for air bending 30 to 90 degree angles. These are also commonly used for making a 30-degree bend prior to hemming. Available angles range from 30- to 90-degrees.

Block Punch

The Block punch is similar to the arrow punch in shape, but wider and with a larger radius. This allows it to be used on higher tonnage applications or on heavier materials.

Arrow Punch

The Arrow punch has a straight, thin body that allows flanges to wrap around both sides. These punches are most commonly seen with .50 Degree or less in blade thickness.

Apart from above various types of press brake punch we also manufacture custom specific press brake punch tools as per your design and drawings.

straingt press brake bending punch
acute sheet bending punch
press brake block punch

Press Brake Radius Punch (Round Bending Punch)

ARENA is a known manufacturer and exporter of special press brake tools like radius bending press brake punch.

Press brake radius punch is widely used to make the large radius or bending sheet metal bending components in round shape. This round bending sheet metal tools are very popular and used to make pipe from the sheet.

Radius bending punches are available radius sizes range from .375” to 2” and are available upon request.

radius bending punch