Types of Press Brake Tooling

Press Brake Tooling for Different Application

Press Brake Tools Applications

ARENA INDUSTRIES is a qualified manufacturer, exporter of various types of press brake tools, sheet metal bending dies, press brake dies for various type of applications to produce different shape sheet metal components.

90 Degree Forming Dies

 Most commonly used in the sheet metal bending industry for forming 90 degree bends. A greater than 90 degree bend is practical by air forming.

30-60 Degree Box Forming Dies

  Popular dies can form from 30 – 60 Degrees bends and ideal for making sheet metal box and sheet metal panels.

90 Degree Box Forming Dies

  Popular dies can form 90 Degrees bends.

Gooseneck Press Brake Dies

 For forming special shapes where a 90 degree punch would interfere, or channel forming in two strokes, gooseneck punches are ideal. The width of face and the length of the return flange are shown. If longer return flanges are required, the punches can be cut back beyond the center line, but the work capacity of the punch is reduced. They are used with 90 degree female dies.

30 Degree Forming Dies

These Dies are the most universal type of press brake dies and are especially recommended as a starter set. 

Angles Greater than 30 degrees are made by air forming.  They are also used for the first operation in hemming.  Female dies can be finished with flat tops.

Flattening Dies

Used to close a previously formed acute angle to a given degree of opening or to complete a hem.

Offset Dies

Offset dies form two 90 degree bends in one stroke. Dimensions show amount of offset from inside to outside of metal thickness. Sizes shown are suitable for mild steel to 18 gauge. Often, metals and heavier gauges of mild steel can be formed depending on size of offset and press brake capacity available.

European Tooling

European tooling has special tangs that hold the die in the die holders.  Usually more precise tooling for more precision jobs.

Shallow Offset Bending Dies

Offsets can be many different sizes and angles.  They are typically used for long runs and use  4 – 20% more tonnage to perform the operation.

Four way Bottom Dies

 A four way die can be made to have 4 different die openings creating a quick tool change without having to remove the lower dies from the machine.

Radius Forming Press Brake Die

Outside flange on a radius bend can be formed in one stroke using die set

Rib Forming Sheet Bending Tool

Used to make radius rib channels and v ribs.


 Curl the metal around the round dies or a round bar.


Different channel dies can form flat bottomed channels in one simple operation.

Standing Seam Double Flange

Form Double Flanged Seams.

Hemming Dies

Used for forming hems into flat sheet metal.

Rocker and Wiping

Allow for difficult clearances when forming.   These can be used to rock the two dies together for special forming.

Custom Press Brake Tooling

We as a reliable Press Brake Tooling Manufacturer in India product any tailor made solution for your requirement of special press brake tooling as per your drawing.

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